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Our Wedding Tent Rental Service

People come from all over the world to use the Gulf Coast as a backdrop for their nuptials! National Event Rentals has tents of all shapes and sizes. We offer frame tents, pole tents and clear span structures along with elegant tent liners, pole covers and custom lighting to make your wedding shine! We promise to make it easy for you or your planner to do business with us.

Clearspan Tent Rentals for WeddingsNational Event Rentals can help make your wedding a memorable event and we make it easy to do business with us. Since an outdoor venue is truly 100% customizable, it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a modest celebration or an extravagant wedding that the stars would envy! Unique and memorable details are non-negotiable!

Wedding Tent Rentals Save the Day

At National Event Rentals, we can transform your wedding day into an elegant occasion fit for a queen and her king. We can provide you with a beautiful backdrop for your wedding that you have been searching for. Our huge inventory includes tents of all shapes and sizes, and there is guaranteed to be one, or more, out there that is just perfect for your special day. Wedding tent rentals are among our specialties.

Styles of Wedding Tent Rentals

  • Frame Tents: These come in small, mid-size, and large frame structures. They are free standing and can be erected on any surface. With frame tents, there are no poles within the tent interior. Your guests may not even realize they are in a tent. Comfort levels are wonderful, and you also have options for tent tops and sidewall configurations.
  • ClearSpan Tents: For an even larger frame tent, we offer our ClearSpan tents, also called semi-permanent structures. These are big and beautiful with lots of spacious areas to set up your most graceful wedding setting. There are also options for tent tops and sidewalls. These wedding tent rentals have no poles within, so there is plenty of room for dining and dancing.
  • Double-Decker Tents: We also offer the latest style with our double-decker tents. They are sturdy and offer your guests a lot of room on two levels. Double-decker tents are wind resistant and can hold your wedding reception, dining, and dancing, as well as other gathering areas.

For any type of setting, from an intimate family gathering to an event for hundreds of guests, our team of professional tent experts will help to make your wedding day the best ever. The tent rentals for weddings that we offer are versatile and can provide you and your guests the perfect tone for the occasion.

Transform the Setting of Your Wedding

Wedding Tent RentalsPeople love the beautiful beaches and lovely warm backdrops of the Gulf Coast. Great weather and gorgeous beaches make this the perfect place to get married, and our tents can provide an elegant solution for sheltering your guests.

A wedding takes a lot of planning and preparation down to the smallest details. We know you want this special day to be perfect in every way. At National Event Rentals, our wedding tent rentals will not disappoint. Our tents are of the highest quality and we are constantly updating our inventory to bring you the latest and trendiest tents for your every need.

For your special ceremony, let our design team work with you to help create the wedding ceremony of your dreams. We offer frame tents, ClearSpan structures, and double-decker tents, all of which can be used for your long-awaited trip down the aisle. Our tent experts will help you transform your space into a beautiful wedding venue.

You are in control of many things, but the weather is not one of them. Rain or high wind can seem to pop up out of nowhere, regardless of what meteorologists predict. The last thing you want is for you and your guests to be stuck in the rain.

Have a backup plan that works every time. The tent rentals for weddings we have are diverse and stylish. We will walk you through our tents until you see the wedding tent that works for you.

Frame Tent Features

  • These come in a variety of sizes
  • They can be set up on any surface
  • They do not have any center pole configuration
  • The tent can be covered on the inside with a liner to hide the framework
  • There are options for sidewalls and tent tops

Double-Decker Tent Features

  • These can offer you twice the space for your guests, despite using the same ground surface as other tents
  • There are many beautiful options for tent rentals for receptions
  • Though tall, they are sturdy and secure
  • The stairwells are constructed with high-grade aluminum
  • They provide multi-functionality
  • Beautiful options help you fulfill your every wedding need

ClearSpan Tent Features

  • Designed for holding or sheltering large groups of people
  • Provide comfort inside, while keeping the elements out
  • Provide large, obstruction-free inner space

Please contact us about our wedding tents as soon as possible, so that we can schedule your wedding day and ensure you have reception tent rentals that you need. We will tell you all you need to know, from how long setup will take, what fees we will require, and when to put your tent up, ahead of your wedding day. We aim to make sure that you have plenty of time to decorate your space and make the best use of the area.

We love putting weddings together for our clients. Everyone is hoping for that perfect wedding day, with dazzling sunshine and clear blue vistas, but tent rentals for weddings will save the day if the weather does not do what you want it to. With all of the options available to you, we can help you make your day elegant and memorable. Let National Event Rentals help you make your dreams come true.

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