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Planning a music festival, art festival, seafood festival or sporting event? Contact us so we can get a quote or site evaluation started for you! We love partnering with venues, coordinators and producers. Don’t compromise on experience!

National Event Rentals has covered some of the largest, and most successful festivals the Gulf Coast and southern U.S. has seen. With one of the largest inventories of tents and event rentals, we specialize in unique layouts using a variety of tent sizes and styles such as frame tents, clear span structures, two-story tents and band shells complete with staging. If you’re a promoter, coordinator or producer for a festival, fair or sporting event, we encourage you to give us a call and let us show you how easy it is to do business with us.

Tent Rentals for a Variety of Festivals

Tents for Music FestivalsPlanning outdoor events is a complicated logistical operation, not unlike a military campaign of sorts. The idea is to host a very large group of people in a suitable location, that is easily accessible to transportation, and which visitors can easily reach.

The structure in question needs to have access to basic amenities, such as water and electricity, and of course it must provide protection from the elements.

Opting for an indoor setting is an option, though a particularly expensive one which may turn off event organizers. This leaves a tent as the best choice for hosting an event.

Tents have evolved with us, reaching their pinnacle of sophistication in the 21stcentury. What makes today’s tents such a marvel of technological know-how and skillful engineering, is their simplicity and design? Today’s tents are lighter than ever before, flexible yet robust.

Another great development in the use of tents is their adaptability of form and function. Tents can be shaped to adhere to almost any shape. Several tents can be joined together to increase their holding capacity, creating spaces that can easily and comfortably hold hundreds of people at a time. Different types of tents can also be used simultaneously, creating a logistical structure around the main event.

ClearSpan Tents

ClearSpan tents are the largest type of tents available. They vary in size depending on the holding capacity, from just under 20 meters, to up to 60 meters. These tents are stabilized by an outward frame structure, creating open and usable, uninterrupted space.

Frame Tents

These tents use a frame construction as their main stabilizing method. A metal frame is set up and then clothed, so to speak. They offer large, roomy, obstruction-free interiors. The frame has many parts, and these make it bulkier than other tents when transported. They need the service of trained professionals to set them up and take them down after the event.

Double-Decker Tents

Double-decker tents for rent are great for all kinds of sporting events, fashion shows, concerts, corporate events, and, weddings. They enhance and expand any event you are hosting and will have your guests impressed long after it is over.

Ways Tents Are Frequently Used

Music Festivals: Tents are used for concerts and musical festivals to create and enhance the musical experience. Frame tents can hold food courts and beverage stands. Some smaller tents can be used as ticket offices, while larger frame tents are used as temporary housing and stage areas.

The organization and layout of the tents is dependent on the size of the expected crowd and the ground chosen for the event.

Art Festivals: ClearSpan Tents and frame tents tend to be preferred for this type of event. The high roof and large, obstruction-free internal space is ideal for art festivals, protecting artwork and the public from the elements, while allowing the art to be viewed from all angles.

Many tents can be used to house different exhibits, while smaller tents around the main event can serve as logistical support for the event.

Seafood Festivals: Varied types of tents can be used for these events, where the main point is to provide large internal space for caterers and food displays to be shown and sold to the public. Large span tents can serve as large dining areas while smaller type tents can serve various supporting roles for the main event.

Sporting Events: Here, tented stages are often set up for the public, to provide a view of the main event and protection from the elements. Multiple tents can be used in a supporting role, to provide covered food areas, administrative tents, and tents for the players. You will often see tents being used by parents of the players at large tournaments where a team may have an hour or two break in-between games.

Sporting events are a lot more enjoyable when you have an entire community that can enjoy the event together. With our tents, you will be able to house a large group of fans, or the players themselves, when the weather turns poor, or when you have time in between, before, or after games. With one of our structures, you will be able to have a space of your own for fans, parents, and the players to be able to relax and revel in the enjoyment of watching your favorite team play.

Furthermore, our tents are great for outdoor college events. If you are having a fundraiser, or maybe your fraternity or sorority is hosting an outdoor event, or even if your university has something they would like to display, but do not have the space to display it, or tents are a simple solution. Our tents can be customized to suit your needs, and we have a number of color options that can match the colors of your college, fraternity or sorority, or to match the symbols and decorations of the event that you are throwing.

The college experience is one that you will remember for the rest of your life, especially the social events that go along with it. With one of our tents, there is no need to worry about the weather or wind turning your event into something that might have been. Keep the focus on the event at hand and let us take care of the place that you are going to house it.

National Event Rentals offers an extensive selection of tents in all shapes and sizes, and a team of experienced professionals that are used to setting up large-scale events. We can set up the tents and help plan the event with you. We have organized successful and large-scale events and have the prerequisite know-how to help make your event a resounding success. If you are hosting an event in Northwest Florida or anywhere in the Southern US, and you want to ensure the venue is functional and attractive, give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.

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