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Whether you are planning a wedding, a music festival, a retail event, or government event, National Event Rentals is here to help. Our frame tents add a great deal of charm and beauty to any event, especially large functions that simply require more space than can be offered by a traditional pole tent.

Types of Frame Tents on Offer

We offer a variety of frame tents and will help you or your organization identify the one that best fits your event. Our frame tents include:

  • Sierra High Peak Frame Tents – These tents range in size from 10×10’ to 20×20’
  • Express Frame Tents – These tents range in size from 10×10’ to 20×40’

When to Use Frame Tents

If you need a large, open structure to use on any surface, a frame tent is perfect. Whether large, mid-size or high peak, these tents are freestanding structures with no support poles to take up space.

In fact, frame tents provide unobstructed square footage and a clear view of the entire space. They take about the same time and effort to set up as pole tents, though they have more hardware and components.

Frame tents provide:

  • Flexibility – A good frame tent will afford you the ability to set up your event however you like without working around center poles. As the space is entirely open, you are free to organize it around a movie screen or other central point of interest. These tents are also ideal if you will be erecting the structure in an area with gas lines, electrical networks, water lines, and other sensitive underground networks. With Express Frame Tents in particular, you will be able to erect the tent in no time, giving you the flexibility to change the location of the tent if you need to.
  • Longevity – Frame tents are ideal if your event is to take place over a long duration and the tents need to remain standing for a long time. Frame tents are ideal for long-term use as their structure staying in place does not depend on the surface beneath. The frame supports the tent top which allows for the structure to remain in place as long as necessary.
  • Flooring Options – Having multiple flooring options is a major benefit, as frame tents can use any surface along with the tent. A dance floor can be added for example, or a faux-wood floor, or perhaps an aisle for a wedding. Since the floor plan is completely open, it is easy to customize to the specific needs of the event that the tent is serving. Look into our line of Large Frame Tents if you need something for an event you expect to be heavily attended.
  • Space – Whether you are hosting a small gathering, or an event with hundreds of guests expected, National Event Rentals has the right frame tent to accommodate your needs.

A Special Mention for High Peak Frame Tents

For unparalleled elegance, we recommend that you consider a High Peak Frame Tent. These large commercial tents are great for upscale outdoor events, including weddings and graduations. We see them used for outdoor luncheons to celebrate almost any occasion, from a gathering of children for a party, to hosting titans of industry at a corporate event.

These High Peak Frame tents have great internal space that can be organized in any way that suits your event and style. Eye-catching, high peak tents are strong, durable, and stable, providing a great look for an event tent. Mid-Size Frame Tents are also excellent and worth considering when you do not need as much coverage.

Customer Service at National Event Rentals

At National Event Rentals, we aim to provide you with a customer service experience that keeps you coming back to us whenever you have an event that requires a party tent. We work hard to ensure that any event that we are involved in is top-notch, by always offering you our best services and products.

We specialize in all types of tents, including ClearSpan Tents that can be fitted and adapted to any event and every type of frame tent. We will set it up and take it down, and we can adapt our tents’ interiors and exteriors to meet the specific needs of your event.

So, when you are planning an event, contact us. We can provide you with an unparalleled selection of frame tents ideal for any surface including concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces not easily staked. At National Event Rentals, we are dedicated to helping you find tents and sidewalls for your event.

For more information, contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is on hand to help you get the most from our products and services, as well as the most from your event. Whether you are considering a tent of a small party or a major event, look over our inventory for inspiration, or consult one of our expert staff for a recommendation. We are looking forward to being of service to you.

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