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Double Decker TentsConsider Double-Decker Tents for Rent

At National Event Rentals, our pledge to you is having the right tents that will make your next event a blazing success. With our large inventory of tent rentals, we have you covered for every celebration and situation that comes your way. In addition to ClearSpan and frame tents, one of our most popular rentals is our double decker tents.

As you can imagine, a double-decker is a 2 story tent. It is a temporary structure designed and customized for your specific need. With our two-story tent rentals, we offer the opportunity to enhance events by providing wonderful vantage points.

Double-decker tents for rent are great for all kinds of sporting events, fashion shows, concerts, corporate events, and, weddings. They enhance and expand any event you are hosting and will have your guests impressed long after it is over.

Features of Double-Decker Tents

  • Customizable: This is important when you have a large number of people and only a limited area for viewing the event. Double-decker tent rentals take care of that problem for you by giving you the extra levels you need. Sidewalls come with various options, such as standard vinyl, clear vinyl, and glass.
  • Maximizes Limited Space: Double-decker tents increase the capacity of your event venue. Instead of one viewing area, you can have two, while still using the same ground coverage.
  • Many Sizes and Styles: Double-decker tents come in many sizes and styles, including a traditional gable structure, high peak structures, and low-pitch or high-pitch roofs. They can incorporate inflated roof covers and more. They can also start out small, and grow incrementally when you have a need for it.
  • Safe and Accessible: Access to the second level is achieved using stairwells made from anodized aluminum framing. All ADA requirements are met with railings and grab rails and any modifications.
  • Well-Engineered: Double-decker tents are modular, wind-rated, flame retardant, weather resistant, and made of high-grade aluminum. Double-decker tents are engineered to withstand excess wind and meet the wind requirements of current US Building Codes. There are no exterior staking or ropes to be seen, and they are easy to install, dismantle, and take away.

Festivals and Concerts

Double-decker tents are commonly used for music events. Tent technology is so advanced that now is the time to provide one for your fans for your next festival or concert. Double-decker tents with tiered seating offer spectators maximum comfort while providing expansive views they wouldn’t receive otherwise.

Especially when space is limited, you can’t go wrong with 2 story tents for rent. When you are looking to maximize event seating and sell as many tickets as you can, double-decker tents can take the worry out of how you’ll achieve that. Concert-goers and guests always appreciate covered seating as well as common areas. Most of all, they will love the expansive views they get when seated or standing in a double decker tent rental.

Two Story Tent Rentals for Sporting Events

Two story tents provide one of the best solutions for when you have limited space and know your guest list is long. These types of tents create additional floor coverage and provide your guests with better viewing spaces. For all sporting events, not least of all races or equestrian events, you cannot go wrong with double-decker tents for rent.

Double-decker tents are the best type of tent for all outdoor sporting events, such as golf matches, children’s sports games, tennis, motorsports, and more. These tents are innovative and can be used in many different ways. Styles are varied and sizes are diverse, so there are double-decker tent rentals to fit every sporting occasion.

Double Decker Tents for Weddings

Looking to make your wedding day the envy of your friends? Why not use double-decker tent rentals and give your special day the elegance it deserves? These tents will not make your guests feel like they are going camping like a lot of tents do. They are elegant, luxurious, and are incredibly functional.

Weddings are beautiful affairs, and quite often, you have things going on in many different places. 2 story tent rentals can take care of your reception, as well as housing all of your guests for dining and dancing. Your double-decker tent provides you with multi-functionality, just what you are looking for in a wedding venue.

Allow our talented design team to create an outdoor magical setting for your wedding. No longer do you have to put up with windy or flimsy tents that ruin the look you are hoping to achieve. With our double-decker tent rentals, we can transform your space into a wedding dreamscape.

Retail/Corporate Tent Rentals

In today’s busy world, you might find yourself needing to accommodate a lot of people at short notice. As a business on the go ourselves, we understand that there is always a need for 2 story tents for rent. One of the reasons is that a double-decker tent can easily double the amount of space you have.

Awards ceremonies, tradeshows, holiday parties, product and services presentations, company picnics, and so much more can be accomplished with our double decker tents for rent. Their versatility and ease of use will say good things about your business and give potential new employees a great idea of what it might be like working with you.

If you are looking for a two-story tent for your next commercial event, give us a call.

Many Options

Along with the features listed above, all tents have the options of clear tops. You can also request a Mezzanine. This is actually a two story tent without the tent on top. It will come with railings all the way around the top. These are great options for music events and more.

We Can Help

There is something new every day in the world of tent rentals. With creativity and imagination, we can transform any event by utilizing the right tent or tents if the gathering is large. Our professional tent experts can show you why a double-decker tent rental might be just right for your next event.

Whatever your next event might be – music concert, trade show, holiday party, horse competition, fashion show, golf or tennis match, seafood festival, theater production, or the wedding of your dreams, we can help you create an event that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Give us a call today for more information. At National Event Rentals, our experts will show you how we create magic for every event under the sun.

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