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Our Government Tent Rental Service

Government Tent RentalsStrategically located near numerous military bases such as Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field, Pensacola NAS, and Duke Field, National Event Rentals has had experience getting to know the needs of our government neighbors.

We can supply event tents to airshows and dedication ceremonies, long-term tentage to training events and heavy-duty clear span structures for any occasion. We are prepared to deploy our team quickly if rapid response is needed anywhere in the U.S.A.

We have experience with disaster relief and are able to respond rapidly when called upon. View our Disaster Relief Services.

High-Quality Tent Rentals for Government Use

From storage to temporary housing, from training events to disaster relief, National Event Rentals carries every type of tent solution for your special event. If you are looking for tent rentals for government events, whether you need tenting for a small function, or will be housing a huge military exercise, we have you covered with our line of high-quality tents available.


If one of your military bases is hosting an airshow event, you already know that there will be a lot going on, and not all of it will take place in the air. An airshow is a perfect opportunity to show and entertain the public with the wide array of aircraft at your disposal, and to answer a few questions for the inquisitive and connoisseurs alike. However, you still need areas on the ground that you can use to better serve the public in a variety of ways.

At National Event Rentals, our tents can become a great solution for housing sensitive equipment, or as a stand for public use. Whether you are showcasing military history, housing equipment, or you need tents for concessions and souvenirs, we have high-quality tents to suit your needs.

Our large inventory of government tent rentals includes express frame tents, which are freestanding and versatile. They can be set up just about anywhere, and they are perfect for food stands. We also have mid-size frame tents that can go anywhere and feature no poles in the tent interior. They will offer a lot of room for unobstructed views. We also have Clearspan tents, two-story tents, large frame tents, and more, and they will all help make your airshow a big success. Note that every tent at National Event Rentals comes in a variety of sizes.

Dedication Ceremonies

Tent Rentals for Government EventsWe are located near Pensacola NAS, Eglin AFB, Duke Field and Hurlburt Field. We are ecstatic to help these bases conduct dedication ceremony events with one or more of our tent rentals.

Our large array of tents can house small groups of people or can shelter hundreds. We offer small-to-medium frame tents, which have at least one center pole and look great with their elegant contours. Mid-size and large frame tents have no poles in the tent interior, if this better suits your needs, and we offer clear and white tops for all of our frame tents.

For your next dedication ceremony, contact National Event Rentals to be your tent supplier. We can help you decide which tents would best suit your needs for the event and how many tents you may need.

Training Events

We know how busy the US Military is, and we appreciate everything you do for our nation’s security. Knowing that the ability to remain mobile is crucial, our government tent rentals can help you host special events, get your training assignments just right, and respond to emergencies.

At National Event Rentals, our crews are ready for you at a moment’s notice. We know how to handle the demands of tight deadlines and short notices. Because we have a large inventory of tents for every occasion, there is no need to worry about finding the right tent for your event.

From basic training, to more advanced procedures, there are tents for every military exercise. Whether you need a place for skills training, leadership development, aircraft simulators, field artillery training, or joint base exercises, you will find that tents provide adaptable solutions.

From every type of frame tent, or even high peak frame tents, most of our inventory can be erected on any surface. Tops and sidewalls can be configured as you like, and sizes and shapes vary with many options we have available.

Tents for Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief TentsMother Nature does not always play nice, and natural disasters can often lead to loss of residences and facilities. National Event Rentals can help you protect people and get things back on track as quickly as possible. Even when clean-up has barely begun, we have solutions to help you help others.

We offer temporary structures that can be put into action in no time, providing you with shelter for people and equipment. No longer do you have to worry about equipment sitting out in the elements, or the cost and logistics of moving it and storing it in another indoor location. Our high-quality tents can get the job done for you and then some.

We can supply you with everything, from the smallest frame tent to larger semi-permanent structures, that can house many people or major equipment. Shelter is most important after storms have moved away, and our disaster relief tenting solutions are available for any and all purposes.

Examples of Disaster Relief Tents:

  • First responder’s command centers
  • Sleeping structures
  • Dining structures
  • Emergency control sites
  • On-site medical facilities
  • Safety facilities for equipment and personnel
  • On-site planning, meeting and operations gathering places

At National Event Rentals, with our wide range of tent solutions, we can provide temporary structures to fit your every need, and we work quickly for you. Tents can be mobilized within days and can be left up for as long as needed. For all of your disaster relief solutions, from shelter to warehousing quick fixes, we are here for you.

We are dedicated to providing excellent tent rentals, our products are always being updated, and we are constantly moving in new inventory.

For all of your government tent rental needs, including events, ceremonies, airshows, and disaster relief, we are here for you. Our dedicated, professional team ensures that we have the best products and solutions for our government clients.

Tents for Long Term Use

When you find yourself in need of a tent for long term use, what you are looking for is a structure that can be assembled quickly but has the function of any other free standing building. Our professional team can set up a long term use tent in no time, and once it is up, you will have all the functionality that you need. Setting up a generator to provide the tent with power will be simple. Installing a temporary HVAC unit is no problem at all. This way, you will be able to use the tent for whatever purpose that you need at any given moment.

Even in non-disaster situations, you never know when the weather can turn. Rain and wind will do a number on any temporary outdoor structure unless it is sturdy, well-built, and made to withstand these conditions. Our long term use tents will stand up to the task meaning your corporate or government event will not have to be postponed or relocated unnecessarily.

Get in touch with us and you will discover that we house diverse and wonderful solutions any situation that the government and military find themselves in. Our tents are of the utmost quality you will find anywhere, and we aim to please with our excellent customer service.

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