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ClearSpan Tents For Your Next Event

Clearspan Tent RentalsIn today’s world, the ability to provide a portable sheltering structure, which can hold large groups of people comfortably, and from the elements, has become an ever-increasing necessity. Typically, the reason is commercially driven, for organizing events such as festivals, conventions, or even weddings.

Of course, you could always use an empty showroom or banquet hall as an option, but going this route usually entails various complications.

First of all, the building or hall in question may need to be transformed to accommodate the event. The costs could be prohibitive, or it might not even be possible for the immediate geographical location. More and more people, organizations, and even the government, have turned to the time-tested alternative: the tent.

At National Event Rentals, we specialize in the world of tents and offer every type of tent to suit every event, including ClearSpan Tents, which are at the pinnacle of the industry. Here are some of the benefits for you.

What are ClearSpan Tents?

Clearspan Tents for RentClearSpan Tents are tents taken to the extreme. They are huge, and specially designed for holding or sheltering large groups of people. They provide comfort inside, while keeping the elements at bay. Their size and reliability have made ClearSpan Tents extremely popular. They are the fastest-growing segment of today’s tent industry.

The size of ClearSpan Tents varies depending on the function and use of the structure. They can range in size from 9 meters wide for smaller models to 60 meters wide and up to any length in 3 to 5 meter modular bays. One of the main benefits that ClearSpan Tents offer is their flexibility; they can be adapted to any shape and form.

They can be set on any piece of available land, or concrete surface, so if the only available plot is rectangular, the ClearSpan Tent will be rectangular. If more space is needed, an extra tent can be connected to the primary one, and presto you have exactly what you need once again.

Another big advantage of ClearSpan Tents is the large open space they provide. The structure is stabilized externally through a frame skeleton, maximizing the usable inside space. The large, obstruction-free inner space of the tent offers a clear view for people inside, making it very useful for such activities as speeches and festivals.

Series of Tents We offer

At National Event Rentals we offer three types of series for Clearspan tents. If you are unsure of what size or type you need, just give us a call and we can help.

NHT Series: These structures range in size from 9 meters wide to 12 meters wide. These can be created in any length.

BT Series:  These structures range in size from 15 meters wide to 25 meters wide. These can be created in any length.

EBT Series: These structures range in size from 20 meters wide to 30 meters wide. These can be created in any length.

TH Series: These structures range in size from 30 meters wide to 40 meters wide. These can be created in any length.

Arcum Dome Series: These structures range in size from 15 meters wide to 30 meters wide. Look here.

Where are ClearSpan Tents Used?

Due to their size, mobility, and large, usable interior, ClearSpan Tents are in high demand for:

    • Festivals:
      A ClearSpan Tent is the structure of choice for many festivals and events. These events are generally in need of large holding structures that can offer protection from the elements, and a secure large span that allows for ventilation and acoustics. Another reason for ClearSpan Tents popularity among festival and event organizers is their portability and cost-effectiveness. Renting a ClearSpan Tent costs a fraction of renting a fixed structure. It is also far easier to set up in an open area that can hold large numbers of people without creating congestion.
    • Government Applications:
      ClearSpan Tents have been a very popular choice for the government. They allow for a large open interior that can hold large groups of people, and can be transported anywhere at a moment’s notice.
    • Retail & Corporate Usage:
      ClearSpan Tents are the go-to structures for corporations and retailers. A ClearSpan Tent is well-suited for trade shows and exhibitions. They will allow for a large open gallery where customers and clients can peruse products. They can also be set on the outskirts of your location, allowing for parking spaces and easy access. Additionally, the adaptability of the interior of a ClearSpan Tent is ideal for showcasing products. Decorating the interior and exterior of a ClearSpan Tent is simple and cost-effective, and the rental of this tnt can also be very affordable when compared to renting a fixed structure.
    • Weddings: 
      The need for a roomy interior space that can be adapted to any shape and is cost-effective to boot, explains the popularity of ClearSpan Tents as wedding venues. A ClearSpan Tent also offers the open air-experience that is valued by both participants and guests. The tent can be easily decorated and adapted to offer an unforgettable experience.
    • Disaster Relief:
      A ClearSpan Tent is often the first choice for disaster relief, including storms, hurricanes, or earthquakes. These extreme events are destructive as well as indiscriminate, which is why FEMA, the government, and other disaster relief agencies, opt for ClearSpan Tents. They can be transported to the affected area and set up quickly, providing immediate protection to disaster victims who may have lost their homes, or whose homes are no longer safe. The  adaptability of ClearSpan Tents is also a bonus, as some tents can become dormitories, while others can be turned into movable hospitals or kitchens.

At National Event Rentals, we specialize in every type of tent. We provide ClearSpan Tents that can be fitted and adapted to any event. We can set it up and take it down for you, and we can adapt our tents’ interior and exterior to your specific needs. Visit our Contact page.

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