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Our Tent Rental Service or Corporate and Retail Events

Event Tent RentalsWe love the diverse opportunities our corporate clients bring us! National Event Rentals can offer shelter and supplemental rentals for rebuilds, award ceremonies, holiday celebrations and vendor tents to showcase inventory and services at exhibits and conventions.

Tent Rentals for Retail and Corporate Events

When you are in need of a tent for retail and corporate events, National Event Rentals is the place to call. We have a large inventory of every type of tent you will need for all kinds of different events. Everything from tradeshow tent rentals, to tent rentals for corporate events, can be had by simply getting a hold of us and utilizing our huge inventory of tents available.

If you are planning a retail or corporate event, you will probably need a few semi-permanent structures to make it happen. However, not every tent is acceptable for your special event, and our tent experts will show you which ones will be your best bet. After all, convention center exhibits, tradeshows, and special moments such as award ceremonies, will look their best when you have the perfect tent housing it.

Whether you are a small company just starting out, or are an established corporation, it is important to bring your employees together in a space that is right for them. The tent rentals for corporate events you will find with us provide you with a great way to get all your teams working on the same page, and at the same time.

Retail tent rentals can be whatever you want them to be. Our tents are small, mid-sized, large and beyond. We have a great selection of frame tents, high peak frame tents, ClearSpan tents, double decker tents and so much more. Whatever type of retail or corporate event you are hosting, or if you are looking for tent rentals for tradeshows, we have the tent for you.

Here are a few examples of retail and corporate tent rentals.


Tent Rentals for Retail EventsYou see it every day, those stores that are being redone. Whether it is a complete interior overhaul, or something on the exterior, you need a place for your business to continue serving the public. Finding tent rentals for retail events is the perfect solution to this problem. Our tents offer great flexibility, which will help you to manage any retail gathering effectively.

Rebuilding a business, for whatever reason, is an investment in your company’s future. Let our tent experts work with you to create the best setting for your rebuild event. Our classic outdoor tents come in a variety of styles, including frame tents that are free standing and can be set up on any surface. With no poles inside, your view is unobstructed, which is the ideal way to showcase your merchandise.

Award Ceremonies

Corporate tent rentals can go a long way to making your company a successful venture. That is why it is best to call tent experts for the job, like those found at National Event Rentals. We will provide you with the best in quality tent rental and installation services for whatever type of corporate event you are sponsoring.

You will want a tent with unobstructed views for the event. You may want to consider our high peak frame tent, which gives you a virtually clear view with no poles inside. Mid-size frame tents are also very popular and have no poles in the interior, and they come with options for sidewalls and tops. Our tents are known for their spaciousness and great stability.

Holiday Celebrations

Large Frame Tents for RentWhat is more fun than a holiday party? Instead of having yours in some stuffy banquet hall, why not be different and consider retail tent rentals from National Event Rentals. A special event like a holiday celebration calls for special preparation, and you will be in control when you do special events with the help of our tents.

You could consider a large frame tent.  Again, these are available in a variety of sizes with no poles within. These tent tops can be white or clear and sidewall options are available too.

For a very large retail event, why not use a ClearSpan tent. These are extra-large and free standing. Views within are unobstructed by poles, and options for tops and sidewalls are yours to choose from. We make retail or corporate tent rentals easy by providing a significant range of styles and sizes.

Exhibits and Conventions

Tradeshow TentsYour business’ success is often determined by how the public perceives you. Being a part of exhibits and conventions can be a big plus in your corner. These are the perfect places to promote new products or services, and they can provide you with the opportunities you have been looking for, including a chance to enhance fundraising and to network. However, you will need quality vendor tent rentals in order to pull it off properly.

Whether you are hosting conferences, seminars, tradeshows, or other corporate projects, you can benefit from the finest in semi-permanent structures. At National Event Rentals, our line of convention tent rentals come in every style, from casual to formal, for intimate get-togethers or for dazzling large-scale presentations.

Let us know what type of corporate event you will be hosting, and we will show you how you can enhance your event with tent rental solutions. We can help provide exhibit areas, places for awards or presentations to be handed out, areas for meals or refreshments, and much more.

If you are thinking about shelter and venues, our tent rentals for tradeshows can offer you an array of tents that will be perfect for all of your needs, no matter the size you need. Our ClearSpan tents house a massive space within, as do our high peak frame tents.

Tents for Long Term Use

When you find yourself in need of a tent for long term use, what you are looking for is a structure that can be assembled quickly but has the function of any other free standing building. Our professional team can set up a long term use tent in no time, and once it is up, you will have all the functionality that you need. Setting up a generator to provide the tent with power will be simple. Installing a temporary HVAC unit is no problem at all. This way, you will be able to use the tent for whatever purpose that you need in any given moment.

Even in non-disaster situations, you never know when the weather can turn. Rain and wind will do a number on any temporary outdoor structure unless it is sturdy, well-built, and made to withstand these conditions. Our long term use tents will stand up to the task meaning your corporate or government event will not have to be postponed or relocated unnecessarily.

Temporary Warehousing Solutions

Temporary Warehousing Tent SolutionsMany companies and industrial parks may find themselves in need of a temporary tent structure that they can use as a warehouse. Some reasons may be that the current warehouse is full, the item is too big to fit into the current warehouse, or there isn’t a warehouse at all. Don’t worry! Our large, temporary warehouse tents can be the perfect solution.

These tens can house items such as long pallets, to vehicles and even boats. Never have to worry about how you are going to find the space in your current warehouse.

You could also use our tents as a workshop if you need to do work on a large item. For example, if someone has asked your company to restore their large boat, you will have space to not only house the vessel, but also perform whatever maintenance you need in a controlled environment.

A lot of these items that come your way may need to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment that will also shield the item from the elements. The last thing you want is for rain, extreme cold, or extreme heat to damage the item you have simply because you could not find a good place to store it.

With our tents, your item will have a roof over its head, and you can set up a unit that will control the temperature inside the tent to keep the item in the condition you need it to be. Once you no longer need the space, taking down the tent is a breeze, and you can reuse the area that the tent was placed at for whatever you were using it for prior. Our long term tents are the perfect way to get you the space you need, and only in the time frame, you need it.

You can find out more about all of our tent rentals for corporate events by calling National Events Rentals today. We are here to help you!

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