Disaster Relief Tents

Our Rapid Response Tent Service

National Event Rentals strives to be your partner of choice during critical times and has experience with crisis management and disaster relief. We are fully equipped and ready for rapid deployment of temporary or long-term configurations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We make available and manage essential emergency and disaster relief supplies including tent rental, shelter, living quarters, bunk houses, etc.

Disaster Relief Tents

Disaster ReliefNational Event Rentals is capable of installing and maintaining multiple sites at any given time. We have frame and clearspan tents that range from 10 feet wide up to 100+ feet wide and can extend to any length needed.

Clearspan tents have a number of customizable features such as clear roof panels and side walls, varying perimeter heights and specialized sidewalls that can be easily opened or completely removed.

Interior rafters can be utilized for hanging signs, lights, fans, curtains or decorations. A full complement of glass doors, temperature control and generators are also available.

Engineered for maximum strength with the ability to withstand strong winds and inclement weather, our clear­span tents are constructed using a rigid, anodized aluminum frame covered with flame-resistant vinyl fabric. With no center poles or exterior guy-lines they are extremely versatile. Designed in a modular system, these clearspan tents can be expanded in 3 meter to 5 meter sections making them ideal choices for large warehouses, barracks, mess tents, and other large installations.

Quickly deployed and removed, our tents are an excellent choice for temporary or long-term military or relief operations.

National Event Rentals – We Provide Rapid Response for Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes in the form of a hurricane, fire, or other natural disaster, it creates havoc and devastation. National Event Rentals is ready and willing to work with rescue and emergency management teams to help provide temporary shelter for survivors left homeless by a major catastrophe. Here is how we help you, your family, and your community when disaster happens.

When Disaster Strikes

Natural disasters wipe out homes and neighborhoods, leaving people overwhelmed and wondering what to do. How do they even begin putting their lives back together? Portable relief tents help people when buildings are destroyed. In addition to providing essential shelter from the elements, portable relief tents give people a place from which to begin the daunting, but vital, job of cleaning up.

Portable Tents and Kitchens

National Event Rentals can be an ideal partner during critical times. With experience in crisis management and disaster relief, we are fully equipped and ready for rapid deployment of temporary or long-term configurations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our emergency relief tents can be set up as command centers for emergency personnel, including those who arrive to give aid. For people left without a home, our shelters can provide immediate, temporary housing.

Getting food and water into the disaster area is critical. Initially, emergency relief tents can provide food and water distribution, as well as housing medical facilities for those who are injured.

Our portable relief shelters are built to withstand strong winds and rain. They can be erected quickly for short-term use, but they can also be in place for a long duration, providing necessary, dependable shelter for those in need. People helping with the aid effort, such as providing food and distributing medical aid, can also benefit from these shelters. When our relief tents are no longer needed, they are simple to take down. They can be stored or moved easily.

Having a way to address multiple needs in the midst of a natural disaster can speed recovery and lessen trauma. Disaster relief portable shelter solutions provide immediate relief in the following forms and more:

• Field Hospitals
• Portable Barracks
• Equipment and Storage Facilities
• Homeless Tent Cities
• Sleeping Structures
• Dining Facilities
• Field Kitchens
• Workshops
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Emergency Shelters
• Church and Sanctuary Tents
• Aviation and Temporary Hangers
• Warehouse Structures for Products and Equipment

Tented Kitchens in Disaster Areas

Temporary KitchenWhen disaster strikes, getting people to safety, and helping them deal with cleaning up and starting over, is a huge job. Once people are safe, they need to be able to prepare food, which is where tented kitchens can be a tremendous help. Tented kitchens are often configured to feed large numbers of people. Our tents come in a large variety of sizes and styles and can be customized for maximum productivity.

For temporary event-based set-ups, long-term renovation, or disaster relief and military installations, tented kitchens can be customized to suit the exact needs of the situation.

After a disaster such as a hurricane, we are capable of installing and maintaining multiple sites at any given time. We have frame and ClearSpan tents that range from 10-feet wide, up to more than 100-feet wide. We can extend our tents to any length needed.

ClearSpan tents can be customized with clear roof panels and side walls. Sidewalls can be varied in height and some specialized sidewalls can be opened easily, or completely removed. In disaster situations, it is possible to use interior rafters for hanging signs, lights, fans, and curtains. The tents also have glass doors, flooring, temperature controls, and generators if required.

These tents are engineered for strength. They would be no good if they were not capable of withstanding strong winds and bad weather. Construction of ClearSpan tents uses rigid, anodized aluminum frames covered with flame-resistant vinyl fabric. Designed to be modular, the tents can be expanded in 3 meter to 5 meter sections, which makes them ideal for temporary kitchen, dining, and/or medical facilities often needed in areas hit by natural disasters. Because they can be deployed and removed quickly, they are excellent choices for temporary or long-term military or disaster relief operations.

Our staff is fully-trained and have expertise in all things tents, so we will be able to answer your questions no matter what they might be. Do not waste time with inferior products or services. When it comes to disaster relief, you need reliability, transparency, and speed. We can provide all of this and more.
National Event Rentals is ready to respond to your call and to provide for your needs. Let us know the situation, and we will identify the appropriate solutions. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Temporary Living Quarters

Our structures have the space necessary to house a large number of people for a period of time. You will be able to set up cots, section it off for privacy, and even set up a temporary kitchen. Our units can be supplied with power from a generator, water from a pump, and you will be able to set up an HVAC unit to help control the temperature within the structure itself.

Disaster relief is something that every human should help participate in, and we are proud to be able to help our community by providing them a place that they can house their families in their most desperate hour, even if it is only on a temporary basis.

Tents for Long Term Use

When you find yourself in need of a tent for long term use, what you are looking for is a structure that can be assembled quickly but has the function of any other free standing building. Our professional team can set up a long term use tent in no time, and once it is up, you will have all the functionality that you need. Setting up a generator to provide the tent with power will be simple. Installing a temporary HVAC unit is no problem at all. This way, you will be able to use the tent for whatever purpose that you need at any given moment.

Also, tents that we provide for long term uses are sturdy, and can withstand difficult weather. Many times, long term tents are used for disaster relief situations. When you are trying to help others in extreme weather conditions, you need to know that the structure you are housing people in can hold up to what Mother Nature is doing. Furthermore, disasters can strike more than homes and businesses, they can also wreak havoc upon police stations and hospitals. In these cases, temporary structures need to be put in place immediately so they can continue to serve the public with minimal interruption. Our long term use tents can be the command center or temporary medical facility that you will need in these trying times.

Even in non-disaster situations, you never know when the weather can turn. Rain and wind will do a number on any temporary outdoor structure unless it is sturdy, well-built, and made to withstand these conditions.

Ready for rapid deployment of temporary or long-term configurations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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