Birmingham, AL Tent Rentals

Tent Rentals for Events in Birmingham

High Peak Frame Tent for RentIf you are planning an event, we have the tent for you. It does not matter which outdoor party or occasion you have to fill. With the many options of tent rentals at National Event Rentals, you will not have to look any further. Our large array of high-quality tents of every style and design can give you a tent that meets your specific needs. Our beautiful white tents will look great for any occasion and can be used for any venue.

We can offer you the best in elegant rental tents that will have you in awe. However, we are more than just party tent rentals for Birmingham, we also are an outdoor event specialist. No matter the weather, your event will go on without a hitch.

Whether you are hosting a garden party, a beach wedding, a retirement dinner, an awards ceremony, a milestone birthday, or are in need of tents for disaster relief or military installations, National Event Rentals has the tent rental for you. If your event is a large one, we have large frame tents, and for smaller events, try our small frame tents. If you are in charge of booking a trade show or corporate event, we offer ClearSpan tents. If you are looking for shelter on one of the military bases, we offer large semi-permanent structures.

Birmingham Wedding Tent Rentals

Everyone loves an elegant wedding, and we help you do it right. For your nuptials in Birmingham, we offer wedding tent rentals in all shapes and sizes. Frame tents, two-story tents, and ClearSpan structures, as well as many tent accessories, can help make your wedding day exactly how you always dreamed it would be.

Tent Rentals for Festivals in Birmingham

Festivals on the beach, or anywhere for that matter, are always a fun time for everyone involved. When you have a need for a tent rental in Birmingham, contact National Event Rentals. We have covered some of the largest festivals in the southern US. We are able to do this because we carry one of the largest inventories of tents and supplies around, which is perfect for any festival.

Because of the large array of tents we have, we can offer you many options to suit your needs. This includes frame tents, double-decker tents, ClearSpan structures, and band shells complete with staging, all of which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are the promoter or producer for a festival, fair, or sporting event, just give us a call for more information. We will show you how to make your next festival or show the best it has ever been.

Tent Rental for Government Events

We are located near numerous military bases in Birmingham and the surrounding area and our tent rentals service them as well. There are a variety of reasons why our military neighbors need tenting and we love helping them out any time they have a need. We supply tents for all manner of military functions, from airshows to dedication ceremonies, for training events or for the long-term structures, we offer heavy-duty ClearSpan Tents for all occasions. In the case of a rapid response, we are ready to deploy whatever type of tent structure you need, right now.

Tent Rentals for Retail or Corporate Events

Our team of tent specialists include those who work with retail and corporate clients all the time and are fully trained to assist you with your next event planning need. Our tents can be arranged to meet any need, and we can make them as simple or as elegant as you desire.

Looking for a large trade show event tent? What about yearly retail meetings or retirement dinners? If you are hosting awards or groundbreaking ceremonies, holiday celebrations, or trade show exhibits in the Birmingham area, we have the perfect tent rental for you. We can even supply tents for shelter and supplemental use in the case of rebuilds.

Disaster Relief Tents in Birmingham

Mother Nature does not always play nice. When tropical storms or hurricanes wreak havoc, just know that National Event Rentals is here for you with our disaster relief tents. No one wants to be displaced from their home or business, but we can have you on the road to recovery sooner rather than later. While damages are still being assessed, we can provide you with quick solutions. Our temporary structures go up quickly and easily, to provide shelter and safety.

Our tent rentals can be used for all kinds of relief for residents in and around Birmingham. From sleeping and dining structures, to on-site medical facilities, warehouse tents for equipment, emergency control sites, or a first responder’s command centers, we have the tents to help you help others.

We Are Here For You

National Event Rentals is here for you in any way we can. From fun and party time, to serious or disaster relief, for the wedding of your dreams or for kicking off the best corporate event ever, we have the specialists to get the job done. If you have a tent need, we have the solution you have been looking for.

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